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APRIL 2017

We are getting settled in Texas.  We are setting up shows in Texas for 2017 and still trying different ones to see which will fit us for our Jewelry and Photography.  We are enjoying meeting new vendors here in Texas and finding our way around since it has changed so much from when we left in 2000.  Hope to see you at one our of shows.  Please check our Upcoming Show Calendar often.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa is where we have lived for about 15 years. Before Cedar Rapids, we lived by Dallas, Texas and Southern California. We both are retired since 2008 and of course love to do many things together such as traveling, going to eat Mexican food, taking photos together where ever we go. Some of Chris’s other interests are painting pictures, going to movies, listening to Christian and country music. Some of Gene’s other interests are Amateur Radio, movies and popcorn, watching Formula One races, and cars.

I was creating jewelry for fun for birthdays and gifts for family and friends but started selling my jewelry in 2009. I have been creating new styles each year for our shows. I am self taught and love finding new ways to create necklaces, bracelets and earrings with new materials each year. My current passion is working with metals such as copper making bracelets and wire wrapping pendants. Check out the Copper and Chains in my Shop Jewelry gallery. New items are always being created and may not be on our website. Come to a show to see my newly created items. Or check out my FB page: Duprey Classic Creations.


Gene is a self taught photographer who has been taking pictures sine the 1960’s for our family and friends. He has attended various Photo seminars by Leica, Cannon, and Nikon photographers and is a previous member of Linn Area Photo Club. Each year Gene attends different workshops to stay current on photo equipment and techniques. His passion for Photography and life shows through in his photos. He will surely find another Photo Club in Texas and new seminars to attend.


2017**Gene has a new in home studio for personal Photo sittings. Contact him for individual, family Photo Shoot for senior pictures, holiday family pictures.

Some of his favorite things to snap are eagles, barns, wildlife, where we travel, and of course our granddaughters. Gene started selling his pictures in 2010 at craft shows. Check out his Photo gallery of albums of some of his pictures of Europe, Rocky Mountain scenery and wildlife, barns, eagles. He is always printing new photos and showing them at our craft shows.

We hope you will visit us at one of our shows (see Show page), so we can show you our items in person. We enjoy talking about our business, travels and talking with our customers. We are excited to design or create an item or picture for you in the future.

You can also order jewelry or photos by emailing or calling us. We don’t have Pay Pal but we do take credit cards over the phone with our Square card account.

God Bless and have a wonderful day,
Duprey Classic Creations

319-270-1468 cell Chris , 319-270-8159 cell Gene (WE ARE KEEPING OUR IOWA NUMBERS ..)
[email protected] or [email protected]

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Christine Duprey and Gene Duprey

Favorite Color

Blue (Gene – red)

Favorite Movies
  • It’s a Wonderful Life – Jimmy Steward
  • Somewhere in Time
  • Star Trek movies – Gene & me
  • Despicable Me – Gene
Favorite Food
  • Mexican (Gene – Italian)
Favorite Quote
  • “Somewhere in Time”
  • “Amazed”
  • Viva Las Vegas-ZZ Top”
  • Mylo – RIP 5/30/2015
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